LiVEs Curriculum

For time immemorial we have attempted to include people with intellectual disabilities into our world. School systems have been struggling to define and practice inclusion through collaborative practices, accommodations, making curricula modifications and so on. There is an expectation if these practices are based on research, they will improve standardized outcomes for students with disabilities. There are several variables that must be taken into consideration when public school is concerned. They do the best they can. And I applaud them.

However, let's switch it up. Reverse Inclusion. Provide/Teach, in this case, students with intellectual disabilities in their self-contained classes the same information their non-disabled peers are taught. Now invite the non-disabled peers to a self-contained classroom and share their knowledge in a variety of ways. This is what the LiVEs Curriculum provides for the special and general education teachers, together.

LiVEs Curriculum provides information on the content area, aligns it to a life skill, a vocational skill and an employability skill. Any social/emotional skills necessary to maintain or sustain the knowledge is also provided. LiVEs is boundless.