Marcos and the Roanoke FIRE-EMS


The story behind the story:

Chief Hoback

Chief Hoback

Susan Foard (Education Director) and I met with Chief Hoback and we were honored that he heard the mission and vision of No Bounds. With his support and candid expectations of who should enter the profession we left knowing he would help us stay true to who they are while assisting us to enroll the appropriate client.

At the end of our conversation he directed us to go see Dr. Cook at the Jefferson College of Health Sciences.

Two weeks later Marcos enrolled in their ride-a-long program. He shared his learning progress with station 6, his ride-a-long buddies, showing his ability to socialize and be a part of a community.

Dr. Cook

Dr. Cook

Susan and I went to meet Dr. Cook. In no time, after hearing our vision and mission, he too showed immediate support and gave us the confidence to move forward. He helped us with resources and materials, understanding that we had to bring Marcos up to speed.

Under the finest tutelage from Susan Foard, Marcos is learning, taking notes, figuring out his learning style, study and test-taking skills.

Marcos has done two tests and blew them out the water. He struggles with fear of who he was labelled as since public school but has learned to channel that to assist those with more severe challenges than his own. Besides No Bounds, he knows his family and others are rooting for him and his goal is becoming a reality. He is a happy man.


You can do it Marcos!

Thank you Chief Hoback, and Dr. Cook