The Factory


No Bounds decided to house themselves at The Factory with the vocational opportunities the concept presented: a warehouse one can rent space/office to do complete a project or do business. The owner, Adam is a talented and creative young man, ready to give opportunity to anyone, and provide Roanoke with important talent.

As No Bounds is not fully operational, The Factory will be the second phase for those who will want to learn a vocation in the wood, metal, art, or machine areas.

However, Adam is allowing us to use his place to teach Joshua how to clean a variety of spaces that it provides. His tutor, Brandy, created a cleaning kit to teach him independent skills within his chosen profession. He will also be tutored by Steve at ECPI.

Joshua has cognitive challenges that impede his learning but does not stop him from giving it his all. Having taken up learning again, over 3 weeks there have been significant changes to his ability to learn and retain. I am building his skills to learn, retain, study while building his stamina to perform. He has learned 50 words in context, and out of context. He started with a baseline below 50% of any basic reading or math skills with one-on-one attention and several prompts. After a week of tutelage, he jumped to 83% with one prompt and has maintained a standard above. His family have been stellar support and constant cheerleaders.

With his career goal in place he is motivated to learn and is our smiling young man.

You can do it Joshua!

Thank you, Adam!

Check out Adam’s Website here!